Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip 'Frick N Frack' Review + Wear Test

I have been reviewing every product of my Colourpop haul for a while now, & the last one that’s left is the Ultra Matte Lip in Frick n Frack.

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Halfway between a proper liquid lipstick & a NYX Liquid Suede, this lip sản phẩm offers a high payoff on the lips & a comfortable, long lasting performance. Needless lớn say, the drugstore price is more than appealing.

Is it really all that good, though? Let’s find out!


7$0.10 Oz. (3g)VeganCruelty-freeHigh-pigmentation claimSatin-matte finishRosy terracottaAvailable in other 33 shades

You can find the full danh mục of ingredients at


This aesthetic is simplistic, polished and cohesive all things considered.

Just like I said with Beeper, this applicator is slightly smaller than your regular one, giving me KVD ‘Everlasting Liquid Lipstick’ vibes.

One thing that differs from Beeper’s applicator is undoubtedly its softness. If the former was soft and gentle on the lips, this one feels a little bit more stiff. Nonetheless, the application feels comfortable & neat.

However, you may want khổng lồ keep in mind that the wand does not move around too much. It won’t follow the curve of your lips or your movements, but that does not mean you’ll end up with a messy finish.

Another point I would lượt thích to make is that you won’t need to re-dip a second time lớn pick up more formula. In fact, this applicator will have all the formula you need lớn cover your entire mouth with.


This formulation left me a little bit buffled (in a good way!), I am not going khổng lồ lie.

Right off the bat, I can say I expected a much creamier formula from this satin finish rather than the matte one. Nonetheless, the finish on the lips surely looks and feels creamy – even if you put on a thinner layer.

The formula is packed with màu sắc and pigment, assuring a full coverage in one swipe only. You don’t really need khổng lồ prepare a base for it lớn pop, since it’s perfectly even và smooth from the go.

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Another point lớn this product’s favor is the smooth application. The formula glides on the lips effortelessly và evenly, creating a smooth & perfect canvas. Also, you won’t need to dip the applicator in again.

Continuing with the formula, I have khổng lồ admit it’s one of the most comfortable I have ever tried. The lipstick sits comfortably on the lips without feeling heavy or sticky, which is something that only enriches the unique of the product.

Overall, this formulation reminds me of the perfect union between a NYX Liquid Suede, which is a cream lipstick in a liquid formula, & Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Lip, which is your classic và regular matte liquid lipstick.


Before jumping in, I just wanted khổng lồ specify that I did not re-apply or touch up ‘Frick n Frack’ at all throughout this wear test. I wanted to give everyone a clear image of how it would actually perform, so here it is.

My wear thử nghiệm kicked off at 8 a.m. With a full face of makeup; I followed my usual lip-prepping method (scrub, balm, foundation) – that you can kiểm tra out in this post – và went about my day. As you can see, my lips looked full và ready for whatever might have come their way.


I didn’t really indulge in anything after lunch, except for water và tea (which I drank using a straw); there were a few residues on the straw, but I would say the pigment remained quite prominent.

On the other hand, the dryness got a little worse và made my lips look quite dehydrated!



Here we are! All in all, would I recommend the Ultra Satin Lip ‘Frick n Frack’ by Colourpop? I certainly would.

I always have a wonderful experience wearing this formula, & nothing about it disappoints me. From pigmentation, lớn comfort, to performance – everything is always such a pleasant journey.

The formulation certainly is its strongest suit, that’s without question.

You get to lớn play around with a formula that looks creamy without feeling (or actually being) too heavy on the mouth. Also, the lips are covered smoothly và evenly with a strong pigment that barely feels like anything at all, providing the most comfortable wearability.

However, you also have lớn keep in mind that this isn’t a proper liquid lipstick; this means that even if it’s meant khổng lồ be long wearing, it won’t last as long as a regular liquid lipstick would. A proper base – scrub, balm and a subtle layer of foundation or concealer – would definitely make a difference, but the formula would still be a satin-matte that doesn’t dry down completely.

Once you keep these details in mind, I am positive you will have a more than pleasant experience with this Ultra Satin Lip!