Getting Started

tee8academy.com Acquisition, Logistics và Technology (AL&T) Workforce civilian & military personnel desiring DAU training (including online courses) must have those courses annotated & approved on their automated Individual Development Plan (IDP). Once approved on the IDP, a link is provided from the IDP to the ATRRS internet Training Application System (AITAS).

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Certification Requirements

Training priorities are based on the individual’s position certification requirements. AL&T Workforce personnel requiring assistance with the IDP/AITAS or updating records should submit a helpdesk ticket or ask an ACM at: https://apps.tee8academy.com/camp/index.cfm?fuseaction=support.helpRequest.

Applications và Registration Information

USAtee8academy.com’s tee8academy.com Registrar Office is responsible for processing all DAU applications for classroom Instructor-Led Training (ILT) & Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT). Users will log in to the tee8academy.com mạng internet Training Application System (AITAS) at https://atrrs.tee8academy.com.mil/AITAS with their CAC khổng lồ apply for ILT and VILT DAU courses. On 10 May 21, AITAS 2.0 was released; click Quick Start Guide for Students and Supervisors for assistance in using the website. AITAS 2.0 Quick Start Guide

Class Schedule Information

Class schedule information can be found within the IDP, AITAS or ATRRS Data-On-Demand. Individuals & organizations should closely monitor the availability of on-site class offerings to minimize expenses associated with class attendance in the resident mode. Student cancellations should be limited to lớn emergencies and must be submitted through AITAS, five working days prior to lớn the start date or reservation cut-off date, whichever is earlier.

Military personnel

Military personnel en route khổng lồ a new duty station or an acquisition position should contact their assignment officer for assistance in obtaining DAU training. Assignment officers’ contact information can be found on the tee8academy.com Human Resources Command (HRC) website site.

Non-AL&T Workforce tee8academy.com Personnel

Non-AL&T Workforce tee8academy.com personnel, both military and civilian, may submit applications for DAU training by going directly khổng lồ AITAS. These individuals are not required to lớn have an Acquisition IDP and must apply as “non-acquisition workforce (command funding required).” Go lớn DAU web site

Training Priority Information:

Applications are processed in the order in which we receive them (based on the earliest supervisory approval date). Those requiring DAU Training to lớn meet their position certification requirement are given priority over any other applications.


Prerequisite Training Requirements:

In order lớn develop a comprehensive curriculum that meets the needs of the Defense Acquisition Workforce, complies with accreditation standards, is within available resources, & promotes learning, DAU, in its curriculum thiết kế processes frequently builds upon the knowledge và skills gained from other DAU courses. Accordingly, DAU has established course prerequisite requirements for many of our training courses that must be met in order lớn register for a course. Students are not only required khổng lồ meet course prerequisite requirements but must be competent in prerequisite knowledge và skills as these are essential for successful participation in a higher cấp độ course where functional specialization is emphasized or where courses at the higher level are designed to lớn enhance the employee’s capabilities in a primary specialty or functional area.

All students must meet course prerequisite requirements unless the requirement has been waived. Prerequisites are met by completing the designated DAU course; completing an approved equivalent course (acceptable equivalent courses are listed online in the DAU I Catalog at http://icatalog.dau.mil/appg.aspx ); or by fulfilling the prerequisite course through an assessment of the student’s previous education & training experiences against the prerequisite course learning outcomes, by the student’s component.

An Out-of-sequence waiver is a request for approval lớn take a DAU course out of sequence, that is, before taking the usual prerequisite course. In this case, the employee must still take the prerequisite course for certification at a later date. Waiver requests are submitted via email. The thư điện tử must provide detailed justification, attach a current resume & be approved by either the employee’s first line supervisor or an OAP. Submit waiver requests or ask an ACM at https://apps.tee8academy.com/camp/index.cfm?fuseaction=support.helpRequest


Students can complete their program (training requirements for career field certification) by exercising the Equivalency Program. DAU provides the opportunity for other organizations (federal, colleges/universities, private vendors, và non-profits) to offer courses, programs, or certifications for which DAU would accept as equivalent to one or more DAU courses if upon evaluation of the organization’s materials và standards, they adequately address all of the DAU course learning outcomes for a selected DAU course. It is the responsibility of the organization providing the other instruction khổng lồ request equivalency. It is DAU’s policy to lớn accept, without further assessment of the student, the equivalent course completions a student has pursued through other resources when fulfilling course prerequisite and/or program training requirements.

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For more information on Equivalency, please click this link: https://myclass.dau.mil/bbcswebdav/xid-588711_4


Many current DAU courses have resemble previous DAU courses. If the content has remained relatively constant, the old DAU course or “predecessor” course is acceptable for meeting current DAU course prerequisite requirements as well as for meeting current acquisition career field certification and/or unique position training standards. For more information on Predecessors, please click this link: http://icatalog.dau.mil/onlinecatalog/AllPredecessor.aspx


Students can complete program (training requirements for career field certification) by exercising the Fulfillment Program. Through an assessment of the student’s past training & experience, regardless of source, against the learning outcomes of select DAU courses, DoD components and agencies may approve a fulfillment request by the student thereby certifying that the student possesses the knowledge, skills, and abilities that would otherwise have been gained by attending the DAU course. It is the responsibility of the Defense Acquisition Workforce member’s component or agency to implement the fulfillment program. It is DAU’s policy khổng lồ accept, without further assessment of the student, the approved fulfillments a student possesses when fulfilling course prerequisite and/or program training requirements.

For more information on Fulfillment, please click on the below links and follow the steps to access the specific course fulfillment guide: http://icatalog.dau.mil/DAUFulfillmentPgm.aspx1. Click “Student Course Materials” at the bottom of that page.2. Then click on DAU course number (e.g. IRM 202) of the course that you plan lớn apply for fulfillment.3. Then click on Fulfillment Guide on the left.4. Then click on Fulfillment guide icon at the bottom.5. Cancel the password prompt.6. The “Employee Self-Assessment” khung (.xls for that class.) will xuất hiện up7. Save the document lớn your computer for completion and submission with the DD 2518.

tee8academy.com specific instructions for submission may be found by clicking on this link: https://tee8academy.com/docs/policy/Fulfillment_Document.pdf

Helpful hints for filling out a Fulfillment package may be found by clicking on this link: https://tee8academy.com/docs/policy/fulfillment_app_helpfulhints_06Aug08.pdf

tee8academy.com Process for Applying for Fulfillment: https://tee8academy.com/web/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/tee8academy.com-Procedures-for-Fulfillment-Program_7May2013_updated-reference-URL.pdf


 FY16 Certification and course changes (May 19, 2015)

 DAU Onsite Class Requirements

 tee8academy.com DACM Enforcement of DAU Course Cancellation Requests (April 29, 2011)

 DAU Training Policy & Procedures (Dec 01, 2014)

 USAtee8academy.com, DAU Acquisition Certification Course Reservation Cancellation Policy (November 29, 2011)

DAU Training Schedule and Course Description

DAU Prerequisite Training Policy

 DAU Student Academic Policies

 How lớn apply as Acquisition

 How to apply as non-Acq

 How to Cancel a Class

How to lớn submit an Out of Cycle Request

Helpdesk Information:

For questions related lớn your DAU training application submitted, course disapprovals, course funding, DAU travel orders, posting DAU equivalent training, please mở cửa a ticket through the Workforce Management Inquiry system within the Career Acquisition Personnel and Position Management System (CAMP/CAPPMIS). There are two ways to lớn access the help ticket system:1. For CAMP/CAPPMIS users, log using your CAC: https://apps.tee8academy.com/camp/ , click the “Help Request” button at the vị trí cao nhất right of the CAMP home page.

OR2. If you are non Acquisition tee8academy.com Personnel or vày not have a CAMP/CAPPMIS account, mở cửa a ticket using the following link: https://apps.tee8academy.com/camp/index.cfm?fuseaction=support.helpRequest575-678-2247DSN 258-2247Hours of Operation: 0800 – 1600 Eastern Standard Time

400 level Training Courses:

Defense Acquisition University (DAU) offers a wide array of program management (PMT) and acquisition (ACQ) 400 level courses. These courses are non-Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) required courses geared toward màn chơi III certified program managers và senior leaders & those who need to lớn satisfy requirements of 10 U.S.C. 1735. You may click on the short course link to take you to the course catalog for more detailed course descriptions and required prerequisites.

The non-statutory courses include PMT 400, ACQ 405 & ACQ 404. These courses provide skills retention và refinement, DOD policy updates and best practices, & enable experience sharing for program, product and project managers (PMs).

PMT 401 & PMT 402 are statutorily required for program executive officers (PEOs), deputy program executive officers (DPEOs) and program managers/deputy program managers (PMs/DPMs) of ACAT I and II programs.

The ACQ 45x series of courses are leadership specific courses for level III certified personnel in any acquisition career field who have at least three years of acquisition experience. These courses are also part of the core-plus development guide for a few of the acquisition career fields.