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Mad Max: 10 Ways The 2015 Game Is Criminally Underrated More often than not, video games based on or inspired by movies over up being disappointments, but this wasn"t the case for Mad Max.

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More often than not, clip games based on or inspired by movies end up being disappointments. It"s usually a rushed project meant khổng lồ either coincide with the film or just bank off the success of the said film. However, every now & then, fans are gifted with movie licensed games that are shocking gems. GoldenEye for the N64, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, & Peter Jackson"s King Kong for example.

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One of the most ambitious licensed games of the last decade was 2015"s Mad Max. Clearly, it was made lớn capitalize on the hype generated by Mad Max: Fury Road at the time but it was a surprisingly good game. It slowly faded into obscurity over the years but Mad Max is a cult gem that deserves more recognition.

Max Gazing At The Horizon - Mad Max
While it certainly doesn"t rival the likes of Batman: Arkham Knight or God Of War, Mad Max boasts some really good visuals. In a game where everything is just dirt, sand, and rock, it needs the proper fidelity khổng lồ keep things from looking too ugly & detract the player.

The characters" models still look great, the cars obviously are works of art, and everything matches what is seen in the Mad Max films only on an even more grand scale.

Max Eating Dog Food - Max Mad
With Mad Max being an iconic series of films, it could have been so easy for Avalanche Games lớn just remake any of the films in game form. Or fill the trò chơi to the brim with references và Easter eggs khổng lồ the point of actually driving fans away.

Fortunately, Mad Max stands pretty well on its own as a game, & anybody who has never seen a Mad Max movie can still enjoy it. Sure, there are references such as eating dog food & some name/location drops that fans will recognize. However, they are not hamfisted & fit in well with the rest of Mad Max.

Scabrous Scrotus - Mad Max
Max Rockatansky himself is a great character to guide the audience along. However, Max is only a small piece of the puzzle: Mad Max as a franchise is built off insanely memorable supporting characters that surround Max. Immortan Joe, Master Blaster, Imperator Furiosa, Lord Humungous, etc.

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The Mad Max game continues this tradition by having characters lượt thích Chumbucket, an ally that repairs và upgrades Max"s car, or the dog Dinki-Do. There are villains lượt thích Scabrous Scrotus and Stank Gum. Even the hermit Griffa who gifts Max with perks is delightfully strange and memorable.

7 Lots Of Customization

In a trò chơi all about driving around the Wastelands, gamers are going lớn want to lớn create the perfect car. Especially since the game opens up with the iconic car from the movies being destroyed. Fortunately, Chumbucket comes along and the more the player accomplishes, the more options to lớn customize the new Magnum Opus become available.

Even Max himself has several cosmetic choices lớn choose from. It"s not nearly as extensive as the Magnum Opus customization; but enough to lớn satisfy anyone who"d like to swap up from the base look of the character.

Again due to the iconic nature of Max Rockatansky, it could have been easy to make him a replica of Mel Gibson. They could have also made him look just lượt thích Tom Hardy khổng lồ capitalize on Mad Max: Fury Road. However, Max in the game is much more unique in both appearance & voice.

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Bren Foster plays Max & never does he sound like he"s doing an impression of Max. Instead, he gives his own chất lượng flavor khổng lồ the character. Sure, Max still rocks the one shoulder pad and leather jacket but as the trò chơi progresses, Max gets upgrades to lớn his look that help distinguish the famous outfit.

5 A Desert World That"s Not Boring

It is very difficult to vì a trò chơi based entirely in a desert wasteland. Many fans agree that even desert levels in other games get stale quickly due lớn the limited và bland visuals of sand, rock, and dirt. Fortunately, there are games that have done it right in the past such as Assassin"s Creed: Origins.

Mad Max is another one of those games; the aforementioned graphics help a lot but the Wastelands are designed so well that it"s difficult to lớn get bored of it. The different regions và biomes provide unique visuals & traversal. There are caves, crazy bandit camps, fortresses, và other locations that spice things up.

For a game like Mad Max, it could have been a basic open-world with Max driving from point A to point B, killing bandits, rinse và repeat. Instead, Avalanche actually gives the player a lot of things lớn do. The trò chơi is structured around freeing regions from the grasp of evil bandit clans.

To do so, Max has a plethora of side missions to lớn do: infiltrate camps và sabotage oil pumps, take out convoys for certain upgrades, take down scarecrows, etc. There are so many side missions of different varieties that lend khổng lồ making the game seem genuine rather than a quick cash grab.

3 Familiar But Satisfying Gameplay

Mad Max takes a similar approach to lớn Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order where it"s a culmination of aspects from many other games mixed together. Mad Max features a combat system similar lớn the Batman: Arkham games, open-world aspects of Far Cry and Assassin"s Creed, the crazy bandit enemies of Borderlands, etc.

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Now one could argue that just makes the trò chơi unoriginal. That"s fair but much like Fallen Order, it combines all those elements và adds its own flair to lớn them. Mad Max also never feels lượt thích a watered-down clone of those games; all of the aspects borrowed are executed well lớn make the game shine.

With Mad Max, if there is anything that needs to lớn be done right, it"s the vehicular gameplay. Mad Max has always been about fast, wildly built cars doing crazy stuff, especially the further it went along. Khổng lồ the pleasure of every fan hâm mộ of the series, Mad Max"s vehicles drive almost perfectly.

As Max"s car, the Magnum Opus, is upgraded, more crazy weapons và defenses are added. This allows for racing, vehicular combat, puzzles, & more. The controls are not too slippery, not too stiff: they are just right.

1 Perfect Sequel Since Fury Road

While seeing the films is not a requirement, fans of the series will love the trò chơi just as much. It"s structured much like every other sequel where there is no continuity from the films other than Max himself. So much like The Road Warrior or Fury Road, it"s just simply another adventure in the post-apocalypse.

As a bonus, the Mad Max trò chơi acts as the interactive fifth movie since an actual sequel seems khổng lồ be in development limbo. So anyone who has watched all four films but still has a Mad Max itch can boot the trò chơi up for some more insanity.

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