Look back the moments between shin se kyung and nam joo hyuk!


The Chemistry Between Yoon So-ah and Ha-baek

The drama Bride of The Water God was produced by tvN & aired between July 3rd – August 22nd, 2017. The drama starred nam Joo-hyuk, Shin Se-kyung, Krystal Jung (credited as Jung Soo-jung), và Gong Myung among others, as the four main characters in the drama, instantly creating hype around its release. The drama occupied the Monday – Tuesday 11 pm slot previously occupied by the drama Circle, which is known lớn be one of the prime time spots for the broadcast network.

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As the drama focused on phái mạnh Joo-hyuk & Shin Se-kyung’s characters, fans started to lớn question the secret behind their steamy on-screen chemistry. So are you also curious as khổng lồ how they built that chemistry? Stay tuned to find out!

tvN’s Bride of The Water God

The story of the drama was adapted from a manhwa of the same title, that depicts the water god Ha-baek who falls in love with the mortal, Yoon So-ah. Although adapted from the comic, there are some differences in the storyline và setting that sets the two apart. For one, the setting of the original comics are in the realm of the gods, high up in the sky with more fantastical elements featuring a myriad of gods not featured in the show. The drama is mix in the modern world, for a change, focusing its storyline on Ha-baek who has been sent on a quest in the human realm.

The relationships from the comic, despite the change in setting, have been kept quite the same, with the focus placed on the four main characters & their intertwining four-sided love. The gods & their backstory are also quite consistent with the ones in the comic, with their powers & history with each other as they live out their youths among other gods. Ha-baek, the water god, still falls in love with Yoon So-ah in the drama, with goddess Moo-ra and god Bi-ryeom tagging along for the ride.

The only character khổng lồ experience a significant change is Yoon So-ah, who in the comic is just a girl sacrificed by her village to lớn the water god Ha-baek, as a way khổng lồ ensure a plentiful harvest. The complete opposite is shown in the drama, as Yoon So-ah is seen as a struggling medical practitioner with her own clinic and her unaccomplished aspirations.

The change in both the setting và the main female protagonist’ backstory definitely affected the response from fans & viewers alike. Before the drama even aired, fans had expressed their anticipation for the drama as it will take place in a modern setting that is a lot easier lớn digest for viewers who have not read the comic. Yet, after it aired, the fans were very critical of the portrayal of the two main leads và how the story went as opposed khổng lồ the arc in the comic.

The negative response had an effect on the overall viewership of the drama, but despite it, there were still viewers who remained for the actors và actresses that have fandoms of their own. Not only that, the chemistry among the four leads is just too good to pass up, especially between Ha-baek và Yoon So-ah.

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On-Screen Chemistry

The chemistry between Yoon So-ah, portrayed by Shin Se-kyung, & Ha-baek, portrayed by nam Joo-hyuk, is just off the charts. The skinship and longing expressions shown on-screen are loaded with meaning và sent fans’ hearts into overdrive.


The couple is known for the heartwarming actions, such as subtle touches and warm hugs, but also quite unusual ones such as the scene where So-ah towel dries Ha-baek’s hair after he showered. Not only that, but they also upgraded their skinship towards the end of the drama by introducing feeding each other on a date and plenty of kissing.


The first kiss between So-ah và Ha-baek happened under the tree where they first signed the contract for So-ah lớn be his slave. It is also the place where Ha-baek supposedly lost his stone và tasked her as his servant khổng lồ help him find it. It is the perfect setting for their thắm thiết kiss.


Following their first kiss, their characters became more comfortable with each other so they kiss a handful of times by the finale of the drama. It shows the growing chemistry between not only the characters but Shin Se-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk. Their romantic kisses definitely helped fans lớn feel their character’s growth.

Off-Screen Chemistry

The nam giới Joo-hyuk & Shin Se-kyung couple definitely caused some buzz within the Korean entertainment industry as their acting touched the hearts of both domestic & international fans. In one interview, Shin Se-kyung showed her doting on the relationship she has with her leading male co-star, stating that this is the first time she is acting opposite a younger man, yet she was touched by his kind and considerate actions. She revealed a behind the scene story where phái nam Joo-hyuk cried along with her during tense & emotional scenes. This encouraged her khổng lồ also deepen her emotions during their scenes together.

Another thing she has revealed during an interview is that she is motivated by phái nam Joo-hyuk’s acting, and this sense of motivation and admiration helped her really get into the character of Yoon So-ah. This also is a factor in realizing the chemistry the characters have as she genuinely felt part of that feeling, thus it is not hard to flesh out the rest. Aside from that, his superb acting also helped a lot, as it takes two lớn tango even in acting. An example of their hard work is being supportive of each other when doing close-up takes. As mentioned before, this is the first time she has acted with an actor that genuinely cries with her in every take.

So what vị you think of Shin Se-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk’s chemistry in the drama Bride of The Water God? vì chưng you think it is very realistic & a true representation of their hard work? Or vị you think there are some aspects that could be improved? How about the process of realizing their relationship? chia sẻ your thoughts in the bình luận section below!