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From the moment they launched as a group several years ago, Blackpink has been a force to be reckoned with in every sense, but the South Korean band performs best on YouTube, where their talent comes through brilliantly via their high-production visuals. Now, the quartet has proved their popularity once again by scoring a relatively rare win among their countrymen (and women).

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The music đoạn phim that accompanies their single “As If It’s Your Last” has just reached, and already passed, one billion views on the đoạn clip hosting platform. While there are now well over 250 clips that have reached that mark, it’s important lớn remember that there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of clips that would qualify as music videos on the Google GOOG -owned site, so one billion plays remains a relatively uncommon milestone for a successful treatment to lớn reach.

Amazingly, “As If It’s Your Last” isn’t Blackpink’s first music clip to hit one billion plays on YouTube, it’s their fourth.

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Leading the way among all Blackpink uploads when looking at view count is their smash “DDU-DU DDU-DU,” which has now advanced to lớn at least a billion and a half plays. Their single “Kill This Love” is fast approaching 1.3 billion clicks, và “Boombayah” should soon reach 1.2 billion watches.

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With four videos that each have at least one billion views on YouTube, Blackpink now ranks among the most successful acts, & especially one of the biggest groups, in terms of the number of uploads that have reached that sum.

Blackpink probably won’t score a fifth billion-view video for a while, as they don’t have another upload that has yet reached 900 million plays. The four-member vocal act’s “How You like That” is nearing 850 million streams on YouTube (and rising quickly), & it seems lượt thích that will be their next post lớn hit the important milestone.

“As If It’s Your Last” was released in 2017, and it stands out as Blackpink’s only major single lớn not be connected to lớn any release. The group’s discography is still growing, & they only have a handful of projects to lớn their name, each with at least one or two singles that went on to become global smashes. “As If It’s Your Last” bridged the gap between the band’s Square Two SQ và Square Up EPs, and clearly fans love both the song and the visual, as both have become successful in their own ways.

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