$$ Brunch Là Việt Coffee Saigon (Hai Bà Trưng) - Coffee shop in Ho chi Minh City, Vietnam xuất hiện on Google Maps

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193 nhì Bà Trưng, Phường 6, Quận 3, thành phố hồ chí minh 700000, Vietnam




Rating on Google Maps

4.40 (758 reviews)

Working Hours

Tuesday: 7am khổng lồ 10pm Wednesday: 7am to lớn 10pm Thursday: 7am lớn 10pm
Friday: 7am to lớn 10pm Saturday: 7am lớn 10pm Sunday: 7am to lớn 10pm Monday: 7am to lớn 10pm


Crowd Groups Amenities Toilets Offerings Coffee Atmosphere Cosy Casual Accessibility Wheelchair-accessible seating Wheelchair-accessible entrance Dining options Lunch Brunch Dessert Breakfast Service options Dine-in Takeaway Outdoor seating


Frequently mentioned in reviews: work (6) place (11) coffee (12)
5Flower T. 3 months ago Perfect place lớn work. They vị offer the combo, which you can have both a cup of coffee và a croissant. As always, the coffee is the best.
5Van nhị V. 4 months ago One of the best coffee cửa hàng in sài gòn city, especially the espresso bar. They have modern and chill atmosphere. There are bean bags & cool stuffs khổng lồ buy in the shop.
5Carole A. 3 years ago These guys know their stuff for sure. This isn't just any regular coffeshop, they're part of a company that actually produces & roasts their own coffee. ☕ You can tell they're very passionate about it, not just fixing drinks. You can ask them specific questions. They will meticulously make each coffee according khổng lồ each customer. The staff is really nice and professional. The place is well decorated although totally hidden from the public eye. The parking lot is tiny but even if it's full, don't worry they'll find a solution so you can enjoy yourself. Plus they obviously sell their different types of coffee beans & at a reasonable price. Westerners will most likely identify with the A/romatic or D/ark type of beans .
5Mami (. 3 years ago This cafe got to địa chỉ cửa hàng my danh sách for favourite place in Vietnam. Due to lớn the atmosphere, cosiness, calm lights, tone, natural materials, people’s vibes, options of beverages, chất lượng compositions of the interior, quietness.I could concentrate on my work. I look for my working space except my home.Peace is enough affordable for everyone.I would love to be back soon, maybe I will come once a week for s while.Inspiring place.
5Thuc p 3 years ago Another coffee shop on my quest khổng lồ fine a good place lớn work & study. The coffee is strong. The decor is a mix of natural wood and concrete. It is well lit. Most importantly, there are comfortable chairs và plenty of outlets for long work sessions. The picture is from a second visit.

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5Quan N. 3 years ago This place has some specialy coffee ie strawberry coffee, pho coffee (yes, that pho noodle soup). The price is around 40k-70k. Pretty quite in the morning to afternoon và kinda crowd in weekends. Nice place for freelancer as they don't have time restriction.
5Cao H. 2 months ago I sat on 3rd floor. It wasnt too crowded. Right by the windows to see outside. Nice place khổng lồ work or to lớn study with great, healthy drinks and very reasonable price!One of my fav place, as always!
4Truong Duy N. 4 months ago Strongly recommend their coldbrew magarrita, a must try when you come here.The coffee siêu thị is located in an alley 191 Hai ba Trung. It has a cozy vibe. Good for group hangout at the weekend.
4Du H. 11 months ago I didn't have any specific feeling about this place. Nice place khổng lồ work. The music was a bit loud in my opinion.

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